House Viewings

The next two days will see us viewing a couple of houses and me meeting with banks to sort out just how much I can borrow. All very exciting, but also very scary at the same time. It looks like we need to make quick decisions after our viewings on whether to stay interested (i.e. second viewing and ultimately a survey) or move on to other properties.

I can’t believe how fast the market moves. Another house is our street was on the market for only one week before it sold. The tenement next to us – there was a three bed roomed flat sold for �165k in June. Unreal.

The realisation of just how quick the market moves also highlights another problem – we have tons to do before we could move out. I feel so unprepared.

Record Breaker

I see the hottest temp recorded has now been set. Usually I would be in Glasgow and while hot it wouldn’t be scorchio. However I’m in Peterborough and it was melt weather at the weekend but thankfully now its slightly cooler – only 30C.

Weekend has been really good – caught up with friends in Scunthorpe and during a long night (what do u mean the suns up?) we’ve agreed to go to Australia and strangely the Edinburgh Festival next year (more likely the Fringe though). Weegie in culture shock. Hope it happens specially the trip to Oz.

Hot In Here

Its 9AM, the suns blazing down outside and its 26C in work already. Tempers are frayed and the day feels long and I’ve only been here an hour. I wonder if there’s any regulations about a workplace being too hot. The fans are on but they only help to push the warm air around – so thats how a fan assisted oven works!

Robbie Williams

Watched his Knebworth concert on 4 last night. Enjoyable, but can’t help feeling his star isn’t shining as brightly as it was 2-3 years ago. Noticed it when he played some of his ‘classics’ which were far stronger than his latest album.

And why the fuss that some couldn’t see the stage – what do you expect with over 100,000 each night? Muppets.