War isn’t easy. There is no black and white. In the heat of battle mistakes happen. With that in mind, watch this video.

This video was released by Wikileaks and shows an Apache helicopter killing 12 people. Two were Reuters journalists. The full details can be read in this Guardian article. For me, this was murder. Watching and listening and remembering this was real and not some video game or drama is sobering.

No side is ever innocent in a war but it’s how a government reacts after incidents that tells the real story. The cover-up’s are worrying. Watching The Pacific tonight and wondering how grotesque a 10 part Iraq would be.

Judgement Day

Tomorrow is voting day in the American elections. From afar it’s hard not to feel that Kerry is the better choice. However his comments on Afghanistan have been rather sobering and it does make you wonder what choice the American voter really has. Bush is nothing but a liar and a warmonger but he seems to be able to convince enough Americans that his way is the right way. More than ever they have a real arrogance about what they can and cannot do when it comes to world politics. It’s Iraq now but where would it stop….Iran? North Korea? Probably Iran – part of the Axis of Evil and fourth on the list of most oil reserves.

In many ways tomorrows election has a bigger effect on the UK and the world at large than our own election next year will. I for one don’t want another four years of Bush logic driving US & UK foreign policy. I hope Kerry will make a difference. I hope he gets the chance.