Hi, I’m Ian.

I live and work in Glasgow as an Enterprise Architect for BAE Systems.

Over time my love of technology and gadgets have driven many of my hobbies. I love photography and I’m making more effort to get out and capture the Scottish landscape that I’m lucky to be surrounded by. You can find out more about my photography here or on Flickr.

I also podcast regularly on technology, gadgets and games. DigitalOutbox is where you can hear myself and Chris talk about all these things and more.

Over the last decade I had to focus on my weight and got down to a healthier size. I now rely on the Apple Watch to help with fitness and weight goals and generally tricking my brain into doing smarter things.

I’ve maintained an online presence in some shape or form since 2002 with the main blog being iand.net from 2003. Recently I’ve consolidated the blog to this site purely to make things easier to maintain at my end. I’m still using WordPress but now host via Linode which takes more effort but allows me to do so much more around Linux and hosting.

If you want to get in touch then you can reach me on Mastodon or via e-mail – ian@iandick.com.