Xbox Live

Well the new Xbox Live site is now online and available for use. But it seems pretty rushed at the moment as its not easy to login too and all the features aren’t available.

For anyone having trouble creating a login the problem is in the telephone area code. The form only accepts three digits so if like me your area code is 4 digits, enter the first 3 in the area code box then begin you telephone number with the last digit of your area code. Crap.

The friends list doesn’t seem to be available at the moment and theres only score boards for Moto GP2. But its a start and the new XSN titles look good.

Music Sales Are Up

Missed this over the last week. Album sales are up on last year as seen in this article from the Guardian. Also worth mentioning is this article which mentions that 87% of people who download music tracks are likely to buy the album on CD. Both of these are in contrary to the perception from the music industry that the internet is destroying its business.

For years people have copied music. In days of old tape decks were used to copy music and more recently cd-writers. But now if I buy a cd chances are I can’t copy the music to my Ipod and I can’t copy the album as mp3’s to my car mp3/cd player. Some of the albums don’t even play in the car. This forces me into downloading the tracks from the net so that I can listen to them on all my devices. Farce. Its time for the law not to side with the minority in the music industry but the majority which is the buying public – if I buy music I should be able to use on any device I own.

House Update

Well the second viewing has taken place and theres a survey to be carried out at the start of next week. Then its time to make an offer. The bad news is that there’s another person really interested in the house so the price may go above my budget.

My heads mashed with options, what-if’s and if I’m honest….worry. But if we did get the house it would be worth it in the end.

Now I’m Scared

First house viewing last night. It was awful – interior was terrible, every room would need re-decorated, a new kitchen and bathroom was required and the garden was a mess. Even more bizarre – each window had a different lock/handle on it. No thanks. But……..

and there had to be a but. We viewed a house tonight and it was great. Needs a new kitchen but the house has real potential. And thats why I’m scared. Because it’s solicitor and surveyor time (assuming second viewing goes ok) and then its down to who puts in the highest bid. My pants will be cacking it if we get to that stage.