0 thoughts on “Who Needs Vista?”

  1. I can’t run Vista themes as my taskbar is at the top of the screen where I prefer it… and none of the Vista themes start buttons cope with it.

    How is the new version of Windowblinds on memory?

    And I’m now in the mood for some Lemon jelly!

  2. New version of Windowblinds looks to be fine with memeory. No degredation noticed. Version 5 now acts as a service so the only memory impact is when you load the Windowblinds configuration app to make changes and even then it’s only 8Meg – considering MSN takes up 20Meg & Firefox with 2 tabs is 65Meg it’s pretty small in comparison.

    My next pc will need to have 2Gig of ram I fear.

  3. Well – according to Rob I know nothing about operating systems and shouldn’t be talking about memory usage. Agreed – don’t know hellish much about them. Do you? Or do you like making anonymous posts without any foundation. Twat.

    As for memory usage and without getting into o/s arguments, what dll’s are loaded, what graphics card is being used I tried a test. Load Windows with and without Windowblinds. Make no difference to the amount of RAM used. Probably another example of how little I know – who cares. Apart from Rob. Although Akismet picked him up as spam. There is a god.

  4. Thanks Ian. Turns out that’s one of the themes I tried. I thought it was weird that rather than the power and log off buttons functioning, it was hidden links behind the pretend search field that actually do the power off and on. The author of “V” said he did it that way because he wanted the look and didn’t want to hack the theme to get the fake power buttons to work.

    I guess the other theme I tried with the text overlaid over the buttons was an attempt to get working buttons. Oh well.

  5. I don’t need Vista – I’ve got Mac Os X Tiger and Dashboard.
    Last time I tried Windows blinds and Konfabulator (before it became Yahoo! widgets) my old PC slowed to a crawl and while it looked great, I couldn’t do anything else so I took it off. Having said that, the dashboard widgets on the Mac take up surprisingly large amounts of memory (10-20Mb at a time for a simple graphic seems a bit excessive to me) and aren’t they simiiar javaspript apps blatantly ripping off Konfabulator? Anyway, I wondered if your Yahoo! widgets took up much memory?

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