Sent Them Homeward

Scotland 18 – 12 England. What a match. At the end of the first half I had real doubts about the Scots. They had to defend most of the half and it was looking grim. Second half though saw the English tire badly and the Scots had most of the possession. Great performance, great defence but most importantly a great win and thoroughly deserved. Disappointed that we had the Scottish commentary team not because they were poor – would have loved to have heard what Jeremy Guscott had to say after that win.

Jill Douglas – At what point did you think you could beat England

Frank Hadden – Last week

Loved that quote – summed up the confidence that Scotland now have. Bring on the Irish.

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  1. Some kind soul just emailed me this priceless piece of poetry. If anyone feels offended by this, then please tell someone who gives a sh** and try to develop a sense of humour.

    Ye come up here tae paradise,
    tae beat us at your game,
    Aw ‘wind and piss and full o’ sh**,
    Yer aw the bloody same,

    Ye caw yersels the champions,
    the nations most elite,
    Scotland are the champions,
    Coz yuv just been f—— beat.

    A game that wis invented,
    fur English gentlemen,
    No Highland Jocks we tartan frocks,
    well bliddy think again,

    A baw that’s shapit like an egg,
    it’s jist a stupit farse,
    A suppose it maks it easier,
    tae ram right up yer ar**.

    So git back hame an lick yer wounds,
    yer a bunch o stupit fools,
    It’s time fur you tae cheat again,
    And change the f—— rules,
    Rugby, fitba, cricket tae,
    yer jist a shower o chancers,
    Stick tae whit ye dae the best,
    you f—— morris dancers.

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