Happy New Year

A bit late due to being down south but Happy New Year to everyone. Last year ended on a bit of a downer with some family deaths…in fact there were a lot of people I knew off who passed away and that sad fact can only be tempered by the amount of births with Roy already announcing another for this year. As per usual I have no resolutions for the year or major goals (although a little weight loss would be helpful) although I will try to keep in touch (and visit) more friends than I normally do. Be warned!

So – 2005. My best bits?

MadonnaA close thing for my favourite album but Madonna just snuck it. I loved almost every track on the album and could listen to it straight through time after time. Not bad for a 47 year old. Other’s I loved included Amerie, Chemical Brothers, Franz Ferdinand, Gorillaz and Hard-Fi. Coldplay’s X&Y was also a grower – at first I wasn’t sure but it has turned into an essential album. KT Tunstall was also listened too loads this year but that was definitely a 2004 album.

Project Gotham Racing 3Project Gotham 3 was my favourite game – there are very few that I try and complete but this was one of them. A strong single player mode and great online options make this an easy winner. Other greats – Geometry Wars, Call of Duty 2 (even I’m surprised at the quality of this game), GTA3:Liberty City Stories, Wipeout Pure and Halo 2 sneaks in for most played game.

Batman BeginsThis year was a little weak for me with regards film. I loved Batman Begins although that is probably more to do with my Batman fixation than the quality of the film. Notable mentions – Crash, War of the Worlds, Sideways (maybe last year) and A History of Violence. Not seen King Kong or Munich though so this list will probably change.

Here’s looking forward to more in 2006.


Hard Yards

Yesterday was the first round of Christmas shopping. Jenny & Rasool were visiting so to the shops we went. Ouch – feet still sore from the 8 hours of shopping that we did. The main point is that we were pretty successful so only another couple of small trips are required.

I know folk think I’m mad doing real life shopping when Amazon can make it so much easier but it is so impersonal to order Christmas gifts that way. I hate to think of presents arriving at the house like that when I can easily pop into town and make an effort to buy them – makes it feel more like a gift. Also allows you to browse and see things you just wouldn’t see online.

Online I tend to go to certain sites, search for specific items – I find it hard to just browse. Shopping in the real world….things catch my eye, idea’s pop into my head, apple cake tastes really nice. Today was also another task that I HATE doing. Wrapping presents. It’s such a pointless exercise but we all still do it. Better watch – ghost of Christmas past will be visiting if I keep this up.

Down South

Cutting the cakeHad a quick trip down to Peterborough and Scunthorpe. Nice time had by all and coincided with Hamid’s 32nd birthday. Doesn’t time fly when your getting old. Good to catch up with everyone and I managed to avoid my usual trick of ordering an overpriced gadget that I didn’t really need. Although since then Shakeel has ordered a laptop so I’ve kept up my part of the bargain and ordered a new monitor. Now if only someone could ship it to me before the weekend. Swine’s.


The Wedding

Yesterday was Graham and Zeenids wedding. It didn’t start out well as the weather was awful and the flowers were late. As me and Graham were getting changed he realised he had left his waistcoat at home – one Betty’s mad dash later and all was well with the world. The ceremony itself was superb – Zeenid looked amazing but alas I have no photo’s (yet) as I was best man and had ‘duties’ to attend to.

By sheer luck we also managed to get photo’s at the Botanics – the sun even came out for some of them although it was breezy and quite chilly – damned kilt :-). It was then onto One Devonshire Gardens for the meal and reception. The food was fantastic and a great time was had by all – we even got a sneaky peek at Graham & Zeenids room for the night. They are now off to Hawaii for their honeymoon where I’m sure it will be a little warmer.

So after all these years G is finally married…I wonder who’s next?

Graham's Stag

Our team actually overtaking someoneYesterday was Graham’s Stag. A 2 hour endurance kart race follwed by some food and beers. Was a really good day. There was nine of us so we split into two teams. Team 1 consisted of the bishopbriggs boys who eventually came second in the race. Team 2, including me, didn’t fair so well coming in 12th. Oh dear.

But the day passed safely. I had a massive shunt in which I left the seat and thought i wasn’t going to stop – gravity kicked in though. Roy also had a near miss when he went through the barriers when someone just wouldn’t give up their place. Very funny. Pictures can be found here. And at least this time I managed to drive home safely after the karting (I skelped someone’s bumper a few years ago after a karting session). So 10 days to the wedding – finally we’ll see Graham a married man. No more mature, but married none the less. And I’ve just realised I didn’t put a post up about this either – I’m the best man. Oh dear. With great power comes great responsibility. The stories I could tell, especially what I found out on Saturday night. Shocker 🙂


Charity Challenge - the results

QuizThursday saw us trying our best at the work charity challenge. 28 teams took part with 6 in each team. Lets cut to the chase – we didn’t win. Thankfully we didn’t come last either :-). In the true tradition of work based events we don’t know where we came as they only had time to announce last and first place. Highlight of the night had to be the bingo that nobody could win. After trying 5 times to get a winner, they were left with 2 players (it was Irish bingo so everyone stands and if a number is read out on your card you sit down). As they read out numbers both players sat down on the same numbers – after this happened 3 times they checked the cards and realised that they had the same cards. So they tossed a coin. A winner was found. He then decided he didn’t want the DVD player so it was handed back to charity. Class.

Rock on Tommy‘ was very funny too. You need to see the other photo’s to figure it out. Let’s just say the question master was less than impressed.


EBay Cheese

Want to know how to sell your goods on EBay? Follow my good friend Shakeel’s golden quote rulebook. For example….

This is a HIGHLY collectable Limited Edition double CD box set.


Bid with confidence. Check out my 100% feedback record. I don’t sell shody or fake stuff.

Oh dear. Evidence here and here.