0 thoughts on “Photo Album”

  1. David says:

    Rasool needs to lay off the barbie, he’s nearly as big as you!

  2. weegie says:

    And that’s saying something. Someone said Ian looked like the side of ahouse so he just went and bought a bigger house…

  3. Ian D says:

    Easy tigers – just cause you 2 are thin as a rake.

  4. weegie says:

    Although I’m not the advert for Oxfam I once was. Rotundity is knocking at the door of my physique. The joys of being in my early 30’s…

  5. Ian says:

    You mean the green suit doesn’t fit anymore. Disaster. Next you’ll be telling me you’ve got stubble 🙂

  6. weegie says:

    The green suit is long gone. No stubble though – I shaved last night for the month.

  7. Ricky Dee says:

    When did Rasool turn into Private Frasier from Dad’s Army?
    http://www.mgnet.karoo.net/dadsarmycharacters.htm#farsier, lay off the old Clariol
    Nice ‘n’ Easy and it’s him, I swear!

  8. Shaka says:

    “..side of a house…” is an understatement. I saw him try on his kilt today and I swear for
    a minute I thought it was Robbie Coltrane standing there.

  9. Ian D says:

    But I never had my ‘Cracker’ jacket on.

  10. David says:

    Less Robbie Coltrane and more Michelle from Pop Idol I would have thought…

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