Graham’s Stag

Our team actually overtaking someoneYesterday was Graham’s Stag. A 2 hour endurance kart race follwed by some food and beers. Was a really good day. There was nine of us so we split into two teams. Team 1 consisted of the bishopbriggs boys who eventually came second in the race. Team 2, including me, didn’t fair so well coming in 12th. Oh dear.

But the day passed safely. I had a massive shunt in which I left the seat and thought i wasn’t going to stop – gravity kicked in though. Roy also had a near miss when he went through the barriers when someone just wouldn’t give up their place. Very funny. Pictures can be found here. And at least this time I managed to drive home safely after the karting (I skelped someone’s bumper a few years ago after a karting session). So 10 days to the wedding – finally we’ll see Graham a married man. No more mature, but married none the less. And I’ve just realised I didn’t put a post up about this either – I’m the best man. Oh dear. With great power comes great responsibility. The stories I could tell, especially what I found out on Saturday night. Shocker 🙂


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