Hard Yards

Yesterday was the first round of Christmas shopping. Jenny & Rasool were visiting so to the shops we went. Ouch – feet still sore from the 8 hours of shopping that we did. The main point is that we were pretty successful so only another couple of small trips are required.

I know folk think I’m mad doing real life shopping when Amazon can make it so much easier but it is so impersonal to order Christmas gifts that way. I hate to think of presents arriving at the house like that when I can easily pop into town and make an effort to buy them – makes it feel more like a gift. Also allows you to browse and see things you just wouldn’t see online.

Online I tend to go to certain sites, search for specific items – I find it hard to just browse. Shopping in the real world….things catch my eye, idea’s pop into my head, apple cake tastes really nice. Today was also another task that I HATE doing. Wrapping presents. It’s such a pointless exercise but we all still do it. Better watch – ghost of Christmas past will be visiting if I keep this up.

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  1. It’s not about the pain, it’s about the thought put in.

    We spend a lot of time thinking about what to get people, and if we can get something they’ll really like online then why should I feel bad about that? Equating the value of a gift with whether you’ve trudged round shops or not is daft. The person who receives the gift will judge it on whether they like it or not, and if you make a big deal of how much effort went into finding and buying it then maybe yer missing the point!

    In saying that we have done a lot of our shopping in shops as well…

  2. I don’t make a big deal at all – in fact it’s probably assumed that all my gifts are bought online and it’s something I would never point out to people. It’s just one of my (many) little foibles which I agree is daft but I’m sure we’ve all got them.

    Another foible is not thinking a post through or the subsequent comments…so yes I have pointed out the effort I’ve went to by posting it on the blog. I’ll get me coat.

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