Where’s the Truffles?

Every Christmas I usually pick up a couple of tins of Celebrations. One for work, one for home. At work the Galaxy Truffles always disappear first with a pack of hungry wolves searching through the tin devouring all in their path. So it got me wondering – are there less Truffles in a standard tin? So I took my 2 * 1KG tins and counted out the split. The results are of no surprise but still disappointing.


So that’s why the Truffles and Galaxy’s always go first. At least the Topic’s are no longer part of the tin but it’s poor that the sweet’s aren’t split evenly. If only they would sell a packet of Truffles on their own. Mmmmmm – lovely. Still – none for me as I’m still trying to keep the weight loss going at least until Christmas arrives.

Flickr Christmas Gifts

My first Christmas present – Flickr have upgraded Pro users accounts so that we now have unlimited uploads – no more 2 Gig monthly limits. Free accounts have been upgraded to a not too shabby 100Meg per month limit.

There’s also a Christmas Easter Egg – add notes with ho ho ho hat or ho ho ho beard to add a festive theme to your pics.

Flickr Christmas

One more goodie I didn’t know about – calendar view. Add date-taken-calendar/ to your photostream URL to get a calendar view of your photo’s i.e. http://www.flickr.com/photos/ian_d/date-taken-calendar/. Another great feature which is also available via the archives link once logged into Flickr.

Hard Yards

Yesterday was the first round of Christmas shopping. Jenny & Rasool were visiting so to the shops we went. Ouch – feet still sore from the 8 hours of shopping that we did. The main point is that we were pretty successful so only another couple of small trips are required.

I know folk think I’m mad doing real life shopping when Amazon can make it so much easier but it is so impersonal to order Christmas gifts that way. I hate to think of presents arriving at the house like that when I can easily pop into town and make an effort to buy them – makes it feel more like a gift. Also allows you to browse and see things you just wouldn’t see online.

Online I tend to go to certain sites, search for specific items – I find it hard to just browse. Shopping in the real world….things catch my eye, idea’s pop into my head, apple cake tastes really nice. Today was also another task that I HATE doing. Wrapping presents. It’s such a pointless exercise but we all still do it. Better watch – ghost of Christmas past will be visiting if I keep this up.

White Christmas

snowMerry Christmas everyone – hope you all had a good time. We had a White Christmas for our first Christmas in the new house. If I’m being honest though there was very little snow, but it made the day a bit more special. Christmas TV was awful though – hardly anything to watch so I ended up viewing my new Spider-Man 2 dvd – quality film.

For the rest of the holiday I’m off to Peterborough – just an excuse for an extended gaming session really but it will be good to catch up with friends whom I’ve not seen for ages. Anyway – must go and pack – nice 6 hour drive tomorrow although I’ve prepared a best off the year CD for the car – must get the iPod wired up for car use.


It’s Christmas time…

and the shops are bloody mobbed. Did some more gift buying yesterday – the queue in HMV was 20-30 folk long…and that was at 10AM. Madness. Internet buying is far more sensible at this time of year. I see the music channels are now starting to drop in festive videos – there’s still 4 weeks before Christmas! Well, 3 weeks and 6 days.

Scrooge signing out…