Pro-Evo on the Xbox

More pro-evo news. I’ve got a ‘beta’ Pro-Evo for the Xbox and its mostly all good news. Graphically its good with all glitches and slowdown that was evident on the ps2 now removed. However on ‘Wide’ mode the graphics don’t look as sharp as the ps2 although when watching replays or a closer in view the graphics are sharper. The grass texture also looks more grainy. All the same options that are in the ps2 version are in the Xbox version with the addition of online support although it would look like this is 1 vs 1 only. The major dissapointment is with the controller. The ps2 has four shoulder buttons where as the Xbox pad has two and they are full size triggers at that. The only option has been to put L2 & R2 on the white and black buttons. Nooooooooo. I use R2 all the time and it is impossible to play (ok – not impossible but damned uncomfortable) with the Xbox pad. Also the longer throw of the trigger didn’t suit the game. A solution had to be found. Cue visit to Lik-Sang.

I ordered a convertor called the Dreambox. This allows you to use the PS2 pad on the Xbox and also plug in a headset so you can still talk online. Tested it tonight and it works a dream – just had to swap L1/L2 with R1/R2 to get the controls exactly the same as Pro Evo on the PS2. Also had to buy a cable extender as the Xbox is a fair distance from where I sit. Just need to wait till mid November now for the game to come out. Oh…and resist buying Fifa tomorrow.

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  1. hi there what exactly do you mean when you say swap L1/L2 with R1/R2 I’m having problems getting the setup the same as the ps2 would be – I don’t have a dreambox but something very similar. I’m using a ps2 dual shock 2 pad if that helps. Thanks. Mike

  2. The beta I referred to above allowed you to go into the controls screen and swap L1 & L2 around and R1 & R2 around. This would give you swap player on L1, run Fast on R2 and run Faster on R1 – exactly the same set-up as PS2 and PS2 pad. However the retail release on the Xbox doesn’t allow you to swap L1 & L2. R1 & R2 swap fine, but L2 is now the swap player button if you use a PS2 pad on the Xbox with a dreambox. Annoying but you soon get used to it.

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