I’ve caved in and ordered a PSP through ebay. Ridge Racer and Wipeout Pure too. Hopefully delivered next week. This is a device that could replace the iPod as my favourite gadget – it certainly has the potential. I cannot wait for Wipeout – when the PS1 and Saturn were jostling for best new console (95/96) this was the game that showed what next gen really meant – great graphics, amazing style and Chemicals Brothers all in a game which was difficult but once mastered impossible to put down – hopefully pure will be the same.

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  1. You should be proud of yourself, a whole two days you held out for. What was it you said on Wednesday? “no, no, no… I might cave in by Saturday though” and so you did. Mind, first thing is to take it apart and tell me about the battery.

  2. Mmm – held out for about a month or so as thats how long Shakeel has had his. Twas inevitable. And what do you need to know about the battery? 5 hours max seems to be the norm but it is a big bright screen that it powers.

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