Upgraded the site to a new theme – K2 from Michael Heilemann is a turbo charged theme for WordPress which is more than a theme – it’s a mod. Supports numerous plugins and comes with it’s own option panels. Currently still in beta and a little rough round the edge’s but like this theme I do. I’ll be updating more through the week with some new plugins and pages. For the moment there’s a few links that may be broke – they’ll be fixed soon enough.

Also moved all images from my host to Flickr. Makes cleaning up my web space a bit easier and hopefully future upgrades will be a lot tidier. It took a while but what else was there to do on a wet and windy day, apart from watching the cricket – I’ve become a closet test match watcher!

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  1. Shocked – Henry likes one of my changes. I think every change so far has been greeted with a ‘preferred the old one’. Glad I’m not the only one thats been enjoying the cricket – great sport to watch when it’s this exciting – not so good when it’s a ‘normal’ test match.

  2. Yes, I’m shocked that any sport with matches that last 5 days can be in any way entertaining. As for the ashes, what’s that all about? If you’re not England and you win the series you don’t even get to take home the trophy! It stays at the MCC thank you very much. The whole thing’s pointless. But last Sunday was exciting stuff.

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