Moto GP3

This could quite possibly be my last game bought for the Xbox due to the imminent 360…yet I’ve owned it for 18 months. The reason – it’s no different from Moto GP2 except there are extreme tracks, a buggier Live interface and well…that’s it. 18 months development for that.

However the extreme track are great. Think a mixture of PGR2 and Ridge Racer tracks but with bikes and you get some idea what the extreme mode is all about. Strangely this has also seen a resurgence of friends playing online again – nostalgia has really kicked in. Well worth a purchase especially if you don’t own Moto GP2 – I’m off to set some new times.

*Update* – maybe I was a bit harsh as I’ve really enjoyed the last couple of hours with this. The extreme tracks are really good and there is some graphical polish thats been added to the Moto GP tracks. Online is great and the use of seed points well implemented. However the AI of the computer bikes is truly awful – they stick to their line no matter what you do which can be a bit frustrating. However with enough friends it makes for a great online racer.

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