GTA Liberty City Stories – Custom Soundtracks

Picked up GTA:Liberty City Stories for the PSP today. Great game – if you liked any of the other GTA games you’ll love this. One warning – it gets of to a very slow start but then the missions start to pick up. Another warning – the soundtracks included in the game are mince which is something of a letdown as the GTA games have become renowned for their use of music.

However Rockstar have included a custom soundtrack feature which allows you to play your own tracks from the PSP’s memory disk. Way! The problem is this feature won’t play mp3’s from the memory stick – you need to use Rockstar’s software (download from IGN) to convert music to their format and transfer that to the PSP. An added twist is that the utility will not covert mp3’s to their own format – only music ripped from a bought music CD using their utility can be used. Boo! There is another way…

Codemasters also had a custom soundtrack feature for their Toca game on the PSP. They also used a utility to convert music to a PSP format – the difference is that their utility allowed you to convert mp3’s from your hard disk as well as music CD’s. Therefore:

1) Download the Codemasters utility –

2) Make sure you have a game save for GTA on your PSP memory disk

3) Install the Codemasters utility on your PC

4) Connect the PSP to your PC in USB mode.

5) Goto the folder PSP and then SAVEDATA – look for the name of your GTA gamesave folder. For me it was ULES00151S0

6) Now you need to create a new folder in SAVEDATA that holds the custom soundtracks. Using the name of the game save folder remove the final S0 and add CUSTOMTRACKS – create a folder using this name. So for me my GTA music folder is called ULES00151CUSTOMTRACKS. Note that is a new folder – NOT the game folder renamed. For Vice City name the folder ULES00502CUSTOMTRACKS.

7) Fire up the Codemasters utility on the PC, select mp3’s from the hard disk or a music CD, select the custom tracks folder created above and convert your music.

8) Once converted, goto the custom tracks folder and rename all the files from *.toc to *.gta

9) Fire up GTA, select custom soundtrack in audio options and enjoy your own music.

It’s ironic that Rockstar, a company who have made money out of glamorizing drug trafficing, prostitution, stabbing, shooting, car theft, killing of innocents and now gang violence, have taken the moral high ground and limited their software to bought music only. You really have got to laugh.

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  1. Cheers for the tip mate, nice work in covering for rockstar’s overboard IP-protecting stupidity.

    Much appreciated.

  2. Use the contact form at the top of the front page and send me your e-mail addres and I’ll e-mail it to you or copy the link address into an FTP package rather than IE or Firefox.

  3. nice info. quick question tho. Is it possible to delete the songs after you import them? and about how big is each file? thanks!

  4. Yes you can delete them – browse via explorer in XP and delete just like any other file. I found that a 5 Meg mp3 turned into a slighter smaller gta file. Really depends on the bit rate of your source mp3’s though.

  5. ok, this wont work for me, i drag an mp3 into the box and then set the outcome directory, but then alot of errors cum up, if any1 knows y then can you please write back here or tell me via email its Thanks 🙂

  6. how many songs can you fit on because i can only fit 3 on for some reason even though i have a lot of space on my memory stick.

  7. hey, i went through all of the steps and when i go to custom tracks in the game, it says unavailable. do u no how to fix it? thanks

  8. This is a reply to Mike. I had that problem the first time I tried it. I found out that at the end of the new folder’s name I typed in CUSTOMSOUNDTRACK when I should of typed in CUSTOMTRACKS. Maybe that’s the problem. Other than that, you got me.

  9. hey, its givin me some sort of violation when I try to do multiple tracks at a time. Is there a way around this?

  10. Plz help me it wont work for me i dsone everything i wrote the file name as ULES00151CUSTOMTRACKS. and it still wont work plz tell me where do we creat the folder in SAVEDATA or in the ULES00151S0 Plz tell me thank you.

  11. Thanks alot it really helps now i am creating my own radio show and i will put it in gta thanks again codemasters.

  12. I tried this as well and it still doesn’t work at first, the new folder is


    i checked the files again and one was still .toc so i changed it to .gta and tried it again, no luck

    also the files do not appear under the music selection.

    fw is 2.6 … could that be the problem? ppl who got it working what’s ur fw?

  13. So i had trouble getting this to work the first time and it turns out that the new folder you create is supposed to be in /psp/savedata and NOT in the GTA folder

    so it’s like this


    then it works OK

  14. hello i dont understand how to put the codes in to the psp. say if i make a new folder in save data and den put my codes into tehre wud it wrk

  15. What do u connect it with and what tracks are on it cause ive hardly got any room on me computer so wats on the track?

  16. aa… i downloaded the software..but when i go select a file to convert it says error and so nothing converts please help

  17. well… now i got the files to convert… but the prob is when i go into the game it says custom tracks unavailabe how do i get this to work? .. ur help is really appreciated..

  18. i need to know wat 2 do wen it says unhandled exception a lil confused here anyone care 2 help id apreciate it 🙂

  19. 8-):);)Fanx alot thiz really worked, but i can only play 3 songz nd i put atleast 7 songs.i did evryfing dat u sed.
    PLZ tell me how to make all my song play;):)

  20. If you get an error from the exact audio copy, the best approach is to convert your music file to a .wav file and then use the exact audio copy program.

  21. You said:

    “It’s ironic that Rockstar, a company who have made money out of glamorizing drug trafficing, prostitution, stabbing, shooting, car theft, killing of innocents and now gang violence, have taken the moral high ground and limited their software to bought music only. You really have got to laugh.”

    Didn’t really hit my funny bone when you consider that the contents of the game is contents of the game. Illegal music is a big deal now days and it is a matter with the law. Just because Rockstar has risky contents in their games does not mean they are breaking the law or even believe in breaking the law. Limiting it to bought music has to do with the law and being legal, not being rebelious or breaking it.

  22. Hi, i got the same error message as above. What i did to solve this was uninstall the software (Codemasters) then install it again. I also got the message when i tried to copy more than one song at a time. Doing them one by one solved this. Hope this helps

  23. Excellent post Ian D. I found this searching on Google on my first search for this specific problem of getting MP3s to show up in my custom tracks on GTA:LCS. This was a great tutorial. Thanks for the info and help with this problem.

  24. like a lazor through metal.luv dis program.whooo
    my m8’s will b sooo jelous.whooooho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *bullet through head*


  25. i wondered why my mp3s wouldnt play on lcs
    now they do
    dude you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Can’t get it to work… It’s in the folder. Everything’s set up right but it still comes up custom soundtracks unavailable!?!?!

  27. I cant get it to work everytime i want to convert it says unhandled exeption and some numbers and DIVIDE_BY_Zero Please Help!

  28. Rock on, I hope they keep this for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, then I can put all my Genesis and Jan Hammer mp3s on my PSP and enjoy the game proper like.

  29. Awesome guide, almost worked like a charm.

    I have all the songs working fine, but every track is named a slight variation of one of the songs I copied (eg “Bohemian_Rhapsody” is now “Bohemian_Rhapsody01”, and then the second song is “Bohemian_Rhapsody02”, etc)

    Any fixes for that?

  30. this is the madest thing eva. i coundnt figure how to do it so i look on google and the link for this website came up.

    ide like to say thanx to my sponsers my mum for helping with evering thing and jus like to say I LOVE MY GAL CHLOE SO MUCH

  31. Dude! Thanks so much! I couldn’t get this to work and even the people that mad ethe rockstar tracks didn’t udnerstand. i didn’t know that the sound had to be in wave format as well, thanks so much!

  32. i know noone reads this any more but id love some help if someone happens too read this, im getting an error message when i try to get my song from the codemasters program to my psp when i do convert mp3 file to harddisk it give me a “unhandled exception” at 0060867D -> DIVIDE_BY_ZERO error message i would love some help send it too

  33. Wow, great tanx for those who has made this tutorial!!! It works fantastic!! First I was a bit sceptic when I read a wiki document about GTA Liberty City Stories. In that document stood that you can only convert songs from a original cd. I’m happy that I googled and ended on this page! Again guys: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

  34. man i went through your guide itz all gud until u say u have 2 rename it 2 .gta i did dat but it still say toca file at da bottom of it

  35. I have everything set up the right way, but when i go to audio it say unavaliable. Does it matter whice FW i have?

  36. Oh, btw it only lets me put them on like for a second when i first load the game then it says unavaliable. DO i need to be further in the gamecause i just got it.

  37. Hi i followed all the instructions, but only some of the songs will play. Only 3 of them. Somebody Plz Help!!

  38. Hmmm, doesnt seen to be working for me. I have converted all the tracks and put them in the right folders but it says CUSTOM SOUNDTRACK: UNAVAILIABLE in the options.

    Could this be becuase I am using a back up ISO of my game?

    Has anyone else got this working with a backup?

    (Before you say, no it isnt an illegal copy, I dumped the UMD to my memory card myself to speed up load times)

    Any help would be great, thanks.

  39. omg thats sooo sik thnx man its much appreciated!!! ino uve prob heard this 1000 times but tyvm. i had been wonderin about custom tracks for gta for awhile now so i googled it and i found this site. once again tyvm man!!!!

  40. hey this is a response to odiggity, my fw is also 2.6 and t worked like a charm for me so u must b doin sumfing wrong, also for others that r havin trouble wif it, i hav really old windows 2000 but i still got it working so it musnt b ur computer it must b the file names u made or sumfing

  41. You my friend are a top bloke.Been lookin 4 ages on the web for something that will do this and finally a solution that works.You my friend are a genius, if i could i would kiss you…

  42. Hey, I Do ALL Of the steps you said and i load game, to to audio, it said custom tracks ON, i go to a car and it switches to radio, some of my tracks work but some dont, what’s up??

  43. hey, it doesn’t work on mine every time i load up gta on my psp it says custom tracks: unavailable it so annoying i followed all your steps and it still doesn’t work!!
    please help me email me back please

  44. hey everyone. I just got GTA Vice City stories for psp but as yet there seems no articles on the web for custom soundtracks on it as yet probably because it is just out. I figured that this method may work so I followed through your instructions remembering the savefile for vice city stories has a different name and I renamed the custom soundtrack folder accordingly. I had no luck though!

    If anyone could enlighten my day and tell me how to get custom soundtracks on vice city stories I would be most gratefull. Email me with your hints and solutions at

  45. hey everyone! i finally got custom tracks on gta vice city stories to work! it seems u have to be VERY exect about what u call the folder! will be happy to explain how i did it.

  46. follow the same as above, for liberty city stories, making a folder in saved games called-

    then save the songs to that using the converter, and play the games- i have done this, and works perfect.

  47. so how do you put the custom tracks for vice city stories. I mean waht do you call the folder. I thought it was something with ULUS… Please tell thanks…!

  48. thanks very much,
    lol every1 read what bob wrote, he either works for rock* or owns a music store which aint making money.
    sont worry dude what u wrote DID ‘hit my funnybone’

  49. Very very usefull!! I had already converted my songs and i was completely stuck! thankgod I found this this!! And just as I was about to burn my songs on disc and use Rockstars one! Cheers mate!!!

  50. grrr i have tried literraly 20 times to get this on vcs but it is continuously syaing “unavailable” and i thought to myself… is it this 3.01 update??

  51. For all those who could not get it to work US version
    You need to remove many letters from the end of the folder.
    Example: if folder is named ULUS10160S92FO remove the S92FO part and replace with CUSTOMTRACKS.


    Took me a bit to figure out. I just looked at the length of above posts filename and deduced the probability from there what was wrong, tryed my conclusion and whala works.


  52. Great Tutorial!
    I don’t know if anyone else had this problem but I had trouble getting the Codemasters program to work…turns out I had to delete the Rockstar version of my computer before it would work. So I deleted both programs and re-installed the codemasters program and it worked.

  53. I changed the name to ULES00502CUSTOMTRACKS but when I go to the game it says unavailable help?

  54. For those of you with VC, experiment with the Custom Folder’s name. I was using the one “ULES00502CUSTOMTRACKS” and that wasn’t working. So I just scrolled up and used the one ULUS10160CUSTOMTRACKS by Xelas, and boom, perfect.

    and for Bombini, put that folder in SAVEDATA, thats it.

  55. It says curropted file when i look at the saved data. Is it supposed to be like that? and this works for mp3’s right? just want to make sure.

  56. Xelas, u are a god.

    For anyone else out there who sees the savedata on the psp as “Corrupt Data”, ignore it. Mine is corrupt data, but it still works.

    Thank you!!!

  57. ive managed to find 1 .wav file i already had and put that on, i followed all the steps above, triple checked the name and location of the files and folders, but when i try to turn custom tracks on in GTA VCS, it doesnt work. can any1 plz help. e-mail me at plz…

  58. i changed my filename to ULUS10041CUSTOMTRACKS and ive lost my savegame and cant rememba what my filename was can ya help plz ????????

  59. xelas was right, but i wasn’t sure where the folder was to be placed, but then i just put it on the save data as they all said and it worked

  60. when i go to convert my psp button does not show up so i transfer to harddrive and go through it to the destination drive ALTHOUGH as im converting is says its converting to wav? I REALLY need some help with this i have tryed everything and nothing seems to convert properly.

  61. My question was stupid So far the only problem i am having is converting to wav. is there one built into the EAC or do i have to download one of the i net?

  62. if anyone is still reading this thing…i was wrong …i am having another problem taking out the xtra letters like xelas said….i have the latest firmware though 3.11

  63. Hey

    I have a Europen version of vice city stories. region 2. The custom tracks option doesn’t work with mine. I followed all your steps, But when i loaded my game, for a split second it shows custom tracks: off and than when i press the left or right key to acitvate the custom tracks option it turns to: Unavailable. and than you cant change it anymore,

    Please help. It really bothering me!


    BTW. whe i go to the Main PSP screen/Game/Saved Data Utility/it shows the file i created as:Corrupetd Data.

    Hope you can help!!

  64. hello, I’m french, I don’t speak english very well…
    I use the software EAC Copy PSP to have my band its perso in the play Gta Vice city stories.I open the software, I go in EAC in top; Convert Mp3 Music to Harddisk and I choose my chansson, I selected then the file or I v to put it after, and an error message: at 0060867D -> DIVIDE_BY_ZERO——->>>>>What that? help me, please and to pass to me the software which goes (that you have), bye!!


  66. help me too!!! I does not include/understand what it is this message, can ous give me a site so that I download it please!! help me please

  67. This is for Rocky–plug in your psp, go to the psp folder, go to savedata, and then look for the folder where you put the songs, open the folder, left click on a song and click rename, after that go the the end of the name file and delete(.toc)and change it to(.gta)-repeat for all the songs.

  68. dude i got vcs and it’s not workin
    do i put the customtrack folder in save data or the other one that has all the letters and numbers

  69. Well…the instructions are there and work. There’s also been some other helpful comments from those that have got it working and what they’ve done. RTFM.

    I’ll close off these comments now as this post is way old and I won’t be responsible for all those that can’t figure things out.

  70. Dude, You got my respect.
    This worked for me like heaven.
    I did step for step and it worked.
    Peace, Bro!

  71. thanks!it was hard,confusing and it took me about 3 hours,but i finally made it,they bwork on both games,thanks!i didnt understand that rockstar custom track crap.

  72. There is folder names what u need put to get soundtrack work:

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