Doom 3

So I acquired Doom 3 on Sunday night. The verdict. Astounding.

The graphics are the best I’ve seen in any game. The lighting is amazing and really helps draw you into the game. Firstly it’s not like any Doom game where you constantly run and shoot. This is more Resident Evil crossed with Aliens. I don’t think I’ve played a game which has sent shivers down my spine and makes you jump as you play as much as this does. Opening a door to find an Imp leaping at you is a shock to the system. There’s also some adventure elements to the game – finding PDA’s of dead people and looking for clues in e-mails and voice recordings. Theres even links to the real www mentioned in the game.

The surround sound really works. You can hear a zombie creeping up from behind but the noise from the pistons and machinery running really disorientates you as you play. But compared to the graphic and sound engines the gameplay is pre-historic and doesn’t contain any new ideas. That said, what is there is very polished although there have been some frustrating ‘what do I do now’ moments when you can’t find a way out of the current level.

Still, I can see me playing this through to completion which is very rare these days. Hopefully Half-Life 2 (which I expect to surpass Doom 3) will deliver the goods next month on the gameplay as well as the graphical front.

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  1. Got it today – only offers me low detail, which is still the most stunning game I have seen so far.
    Gameplay-wise it is more like Alien v Predator than Doom, and why don’t the zombies turn on each other when you shoot them & hide? That was one of the highlights of Doom1.
    Impressed with it though, but will wait for HL2 before dreaming of a £350 graphics card.

  2. I bought DooM 3 The day it came out. Till this day I still jump from the horrors this game holds. Even when something falls such as a vent cover the noise freaks me out. The graphics are UNBELIEVIBLE! The lighting sets the tone as you said, except that the shadows are too dark. I literrally s*** my pants when I turn a corner with only my flashlight equipped to see a fat zombie walking straight at me. Its also quite realistic in away. When a zombie walks into a chair it will fall or roll out into the light, that way I am aware they are there. Its by far the scariest game I’ve ever played. To me this game is like 007 1st person crossed with Silent Hill or Resident Evil and some Predator vs. Alien put in the mix. If anybody likes scary games this is the one to buy. Although you cannot make zombies kill eachother anymore it is still fun to shoot the human troops throughout the base. The arcade machine in the cafe part is real funny. It shows DooM 1 on the screen and you can punch a turkey till it just randomly explodes! Its also fun to punch soda cans sometimes I can make them fly at people! The most gruesome part to me so far is when you go into the bathroom and look in the mirror; you see hell behind you and your self decaying its nasty but awesome. If you would lik to talk to me I advise you to put my AIM screen name down it is TheGreenGuy908. Thanks hope this comment helps anybody who is looking to see how DooM 3 is. Just for your information DooM 3 is coming out on April 4, 2005 for XBOX! Sweet! Also go see Napoleon Dynamite its funny as hell.

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