24 hours from now the keynote will be done. Unlike other years there’s not been many leaks. Last year everyone expected Maps with Flyover, Passbook and Facebook Integration. This year we are expecting:

  • New laptops
  • Maybe a new Mac Pro
  • iTunes Radio – a Spotify competitor?
  • iOS7
  • OX X 10.9

It’s the software that’s most intriguing. We know we are in line for a new look in iOS7. How far will Apple go – they are usually pretty conservative with each iteration of their software. What I hope we see is lots of new features rather than a new skin or rehashed icons. That’s the difference this year – almost nothing has been mentioned when it comes to new features or changes to how iOS will work.

As for OS X, all I can remember is rumours of Siri on the desktop so for the first time in a while I’m looking forward to a keynote full of surprises. Can Apple deliver?

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