I vowed never to buy an online game that a) charged per month, b) involved Orcs and Elves, c) made me worry about levelling up and the skills that I learn and d) consumed more of my time than is already spent on Xbox Live

But I gave in and bought World of Warcraft. Quite simply the most enjoyable online game, if not most enjoyable game I have ever played. Graphics and sound are good if not ground breaking. Half Life 2 put paid to that. What’s astounds is the sheer scale of the gaming world that is available to you and it’s non-linearity. The community aspect is second to none. Although the game doesn’t come with voice support Yahoo messenger with a headset soon gives you the ability to talk with your fellow players. There’s just so much to this game – different races and classes, so many occupations and skills available, an in game e-mail system as well as auction houses and some astounding set piece moments and this is a game I’ve only scratched the surface with. Recommended although only if you’ve got the time to spend on it. The WordPress upgrade will have to wait.

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  1. Playing EQ2, which is probs the main competitor to WoW, so there will no doubt be some sort of fanboy bunfight ala PS2 v’s XBox. It is good fun, but really needs you to be in a group of competent players to get the best out of it.
    Also just picked up SWG, which I am really enjoying, but find tough.

  2. Indeed. We have turned into stat whores of the highest order. Xp points, damage per second, how much can I sell this for, blacksmith skills. The very reasons I am enjoying this so much are the very reasons I stayed away from other online RPG’s…hopelessly addicted.

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