Tasty curry…now what about breakfast?

So it was a catch up night tonight with Henry, Roy and Graham. The curry at Mother India was excellent as was the banter. We really need to do this more often although the bill was pretty hefty – not all my doing!!

Three of us are Mac users and Roy is planning on joining us by picking up an iMac from the new Apple store this weekend. In fact we plan to be there for the opening but not queuing up in advance. We are hoping to meet for breakfast somewhere close by to the new shop…we just don’t know where yet. Any recommendations greatly appreciated.

I’m also trying to work out if the switch amongst my friends to Mac is down to any one reason or a combination. We’re all quite geeky, iPods are everywhere, some people have made the move and enjoying it, we’re getting older and our needs are changing? A few years ago and upgrading a pc was the norm and the PC was an essential gaming platform. Now most people I know no longer game on the PC and upgrading is a thing of the past (for us anyway). Is it as we get older, simplicity and reliability (the promise of certainly rather than any guaranteed delivery) is more appealing than reduced costs? Who knows. Be interesting to see who the guys get on with their new toys when they finally get hold of them.

One final mention from the meal – the singer at the restaurant. We were there for almost three hours and he never stopped once. His hands must be raw as he played the guitar as well. I thought he was excellent although fairly loud if you were sitting close by. His song choice was also good if a little depressive. Tracks from Del Amitri, Radiohead, Deacon Blue, Snow Patrol, and REM to name a few. Right up my street.

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  1. Mother India is ace. Not been for ages mind you.

    And yeah, I might see you in the store…

    As for why the switch, I think the fact that, for a lot of ‘general’ users, the hardware that a Windows box runs on has reached a reasonable plateau, mine is certainly as fast as I’ll ever need.. so your attention switches to how easy to use it is, ease of maintenance and so on??

    Not sure though.

    Breakfast wise Babbity Bowster is good but it’s not particularly close…

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