Google Page Creator

Google Page Creator has just launched. You get 100Meg of space, a basic web page creator and a page manager to arrange your site. No mention of bandwidth restrictions either. Not a replacement for having your own web host but if you setting up a smallish site, say for a local group, it’s not too shabby especially as it’s free although you do need a GMail account (I’ve 100 invites just in case someone still doesn’t have one). Crashed once though while I knocked this up.

30 Boxes

The latest Web 2.0 app to gain oooh’s and aahh’s is, an online calendar app. It’s just launched an open beta (Is there ANY web app that actually launched as a beta and has publicly said it’s out of that phase. I’m looking at you Google & Flickr.) Functionality is rich in some respects in that it’s purely web based but light in others. For example it can pick up any rss feed – Flickr, your website feed etc and link the images and posts to the day they were published. Equally it has strong support for import and export of data and also tagging support.

But why can’t the tags and hence the appointment be coloured? No pda support? Do I really want to share my calendar with everyone? Good for a small workgroup or business but not too practical for me to be sharing my calendar with everyone else although I don’t have to share – it’s just a much lauded feature of this app that I won’t use.

Still – early days and it is a beta so I’m hoping there is much to come including a bigger server as it’s currently swamped. I love little touches like entering appointments in english and it works out when the appointment is. Neat.


Hype’s a wonderful thing but when it bares no fruit you feel conned. That’s how I feel after trying Flock. This is the Firefox browser with social networking and sharing built in. Blog from your browser – yep. Flickr integration – woo! integration of your bookmarks – impressive.

But it’s so SLOW. The blogging GUI is also lacking and for me just doesn’t work very well – I can quickly log into the blog and post from any browser so where’s the advantage. I do like the integration but I also don’t want the whole world to see my favourites – they are my precious and I want to keep them that way. Did I mention it was slow? Admitedly it’s a very early release with optimisation to come but if this is the best of the Web 2.0 apps then it can flock off – I’ll stick with Firefox thank you very much.