It had to happen. The IE dev team (newly re-created again after thinking they had sewn up the browser market) have a blog. Looking at the list of popular requests, it looks like most folk want Firefix bundled with XP as the default browser if the feature list is anything to go by.

People want people to download Mozilla Firefox

It also looks like the dev team have a sense of humour.

Firefox Vulnerability

So a flaw in Firefox has finally been found – get version 0.9.2 to fix that problem. At first glance it seems to dent the argument that Firefox is more secure and safer than good old IE. However, look a little deeepr and you’ll see just how quickly the issue was resolved. In just over a day and a half the new release of Firefox was posted for everyone to download – also the Mozilla team were quite open about the flaw. Microsoft have a lot to learn. For a timeline of the fix from first find to download available click here.