HMS Daring Launch

HMS Daring Launch
Today saw the launch of HMS Daring from the Scotstoun yard in Glasgow. This meant a half day for me (as I work there) and a chance to see the largest ever ship launched from Scotstoun. So me and my camera went to Braehead to hopefully get a good view of the launch.

Thankfully everything went smoothly. Looking at the official video on there seems to have been some delay before she finally slipped into the river. The main challenge was launching a 154m ship into a river who’s width is just over 165m at that point. A combination of pointing down river and also drag chains to stop and pull her round did the job – it was great to see and a proud moment for all of us who have been involved in her design and build. Video and picture links below.

My Flickr album of the launch
BBC News article which has video’s of the build up and launch for info on the ship and a launch video
Scotland Today which announced a successful launch an hour and a half before it took place – pre launch video too