Sony Logic

Gran Turismo 5 prologue hits the UK at the end of March. £24.99 for the Blu-Ray disk out on the 28th but available for the same price as a download on PSN for…£24.99. So the same price for the same game but one that I get to own on disk and one that lives as a download on my PS3. I could pay the same price and get it a day early. Cool. Not really…just flawed logic.

I can order the game from Gameplay or Amazon for £17.99. So I can get the physical media version cheaper than a download. I’ll also probably get it on the 27th as Gameplay ships early. Surely a downloadable version of the game would be cheaper for Sony than distributing a physical blu-ray disk? You really do wonder sometimes.

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  1. You planning on getting it. I’m not sure yet. The handling seems a bit understeery… if it let you play with the tuning like the full GT games do, I might be tempted. Also if you could host a room and invite friends. As it is, not sure. £17.99 though… compelling price for a half game, half demo.

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