One of the most refreshing games in a while is Psi-Ops on the Xbox (& PS2 but you want to see it in all it’s glory, don’t you?). I’d heard nothing about this till I seen a review in Edge. A quick download later (overnight) and I was playing. What a game.

In some ways it looks like a derivative 3rd person/1st person shooter with a bit off plot. However the twist is the Psi powers that your character can use. Pick up and throw objects, enemies, see through walls, walls of fire, see objects that aren’t visible to the naked eye and mind control. Add to this a superb graphics engine and you’ve got some nice gameplay moments that haven’t really been seen before. The game uses a modified Havoc 2 engine and has physics to die for – a real taster for Half Life 2 later this year (I hope).

Definitely worth a buy although a couple of reviews say it plays quite short, although that is no bad thing – just not got the time to play games that I used to.

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