Pro Evo 4

I have it. It plays wonderfully. And yes – that’s far too gushing for what is a mere game, but there you have it. Oh…and I have it for the ps2 even though I swore I would wait for the Xbox version.

What did it for me was a visit to Graham’s. He had picked up a Slide Tool and was playing Winning Eleven Soccer 8. It was superb. Graphically a step up from Pro Evo 3 and with much better gameplay. To top it all it had been patched with English menu’s and custom music and graphics – absolute class (and if anyone is interested it was the Ole mix of Winning Eleven 8 – check out Evoweb for more info.) So I ordered a slide tool, got the Ole mix and waited patiently for Mr Postman to deliver. Then I saw a Pro Evo 4 torrent.

2 days later (1 seed for the torrent and 2000 people downloading) and I’ve been playing pro evo for the last couple of hours. Some notable improvements:

  • Player animations are increased and more life like. Players themselves look a lot more realistic
  • Improved AI – the off the ball movement of other players opens up the game. Console games are also a lot tougher than previous versions. If you are winning you can see a noticeable step up by the opposition – they really hustle you for the ball.
  • Free kicks harder (maybe just different rather than harder)
  • Speed – its fast. Really fast.
  • Referee giving you a warning and not a booking 🙂
  • Referee is now visible during play
  • Proper use of the advantage rule. If you don’t gain an advantage from it the whistle is blown and you get a free kick.
  • No slowdown at corner kicks (unlike Winning Eleven)
  • A better attempt at real player names. Team names still mince though – Old Firm Blue vs Old Firm Green? Still, there will be an option file soon enough to sort that, or you could import a PES 3 one while you wait.

There’s probably more to add to this, but you get the drift. All it needs is online support (Xbox this November) and a wide-screen option (hopefully Xbox this November…but I have my doubts).

*Update* – there is some slowdown with certain stadiums. The old ps2 just isn’t up to it. Select 50Hz at the start of the game and you should have no problems at all.

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  1. hi there , just read your post on Pro evo 4 for pc. sounds smart. any chance you can tell me and many others where you got it. much appreciated if you can ta. pls from a bunch of mancs !

  2. do you know any patches or cheat discs that i can get to change everything to their original names? i had 1 4 pro evo 2, i did most of it myself on pro evo 3 and i’ve copied my option file but theres still a lot of names to do and i aint doing all that again! if you could email me something that would be great cheers!!

  3. pro evo 4 rocks just won d2 in master league won d2 cup last season and built a quality team that cost me next to nothing

  4. great players for the begining of your master league if starting in div2 with the castello,barota etc team: Malilto (striker) Loorzdes(striker) Abdigal(centre back-highly recomended) Kim do Houe(attacking midfielder)

  5. Hi there!
    I wandered if you could do me a small favour and let me know how good a team B Dortmund are on PES 4? …Its just i’ve joined an internet league 4 the upcoming xbox version and ended up having to go with Dortmund ( i think their called westfalen or somethin). I’ve been lookin everywhere 4 team and player stats on the net but had no luck,… just wanted to make sure that I’ve got myself a fairly decent side!,,, anychance of some feedback on their players m8?? would be appreciated! thanks

  6. i been reading this website for the first time and find the comments very interesting iam using my pals pc as i only have ps2 i have owend all pes games, and marsterd all of them. when game comes out i put stars right up to highest level, start on marster league mode, my team is vorlander, huylens, chellini, barota, castello, valeny, ximenez, maranda, stremer, eddingson, kelson. i get promoted every time and win div2 cup, then go on to win div1 and cup, following season win champions league, and all other compertions. sometimes i do this winning every game. but you can draw or loose games as true gamers would know this, because you can get ripped off by dodgey ref decisons. final thoughts i have never met anyone as good as myself if you fancy your chances reply, and you may take away my tital the best in the world at pro evo 4. here are some of my past results safc 6 nufc 0 . safc 8 barcelona 0 . but my record is 14-0 against the gunners, on ten min game. now you all know who the best is amen!!!!!!

  7. Anyone can win 14 0 on 1 star mark, and true pro evo greats know that results mean nothing. just as in real football players have off days, and good days. enter the tournaments if u want to prove yourself just as i did and maybe ill see u in the finals. (though i doubt it) roll on pe7!! imagine it.

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