Off to a flyer

So, returned from Peterborough yesterday and it looks like it was a bit stormier up here than I thought. Firstly I’ve got some fence damage. A year and a half ago we replaced 75% of our fencing. The last 25% was with a neighbour who claimed that it was their fence and it was fine. Well, one of the fine panels was smashed to bits on Hogmanay.

Fence Damage

Upshot is that they would like ME to get in touch with the fencing guy I used and arrange for him to replace OUR old fence. I’m not that bothered as it would be good to get it done but would have much preferred to do it a couple of years back. Hey ho.

Switched on the Sky box late last night – dead. No signal from the dish. Checked the recordings and it’s been buggered since Hogmanay. As Darth would say…..’Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo’. Thats the original Star Wars films in HD missed but more importantly last nights This Life. Boo. Newzbin to the rescue methinks. Phoned Sky who have reassured me that they’ll get someone to me as quick as they can – offered me a date in mid Feb. After rejecting that they will get a diary team member to phone me with something ‘a bit sooner’. No shit Sherlock.

Add to that the car getting scratched down South (the curse of Naim) makes for a good start to the year. Things can only get better?

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  1. Mate, I share your fence pain. Spent hours digging out my busted fence panel concrete bases yesterday. Those boys are pretty heavy. To add insult to injury came down with the kids germs and have been shivering at home like some advert for man-flu. Day one of working year and I’m off sick. Quality.

  2. Not so good. A fine start all round. Well, I’ve just got off the phone and I’ve no Sky until at least 22nd Jan. Just as well I kept that newsbin subscription on the go.

  3. Yes, with you on the fence front. I have the prospect of digging out 5 re-enforced concrete pillars to prepare for a much needed new fence… one of them snapped in the wind. (it was old and all but.. it snapped!).

    Still, it’ll wait until February!

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