Funny old game

On the way out?

Barry Ferguson and Kris Boyd. Only joking. Le Guen may have a certain frisson towards them, but he’s not a kamikaze pilot.

That was the Sunday Herald on the 31st Dec 2006. Just days later, Paul Le Geun has left Rangers by mutual consent. He left after stripping Ferguson of captaincy and dropping him. It looked liked Ferguson wouldn’t play again under Le Guen and it was certainly a ballsy move by the manager and showed who was boss. So I thought.

Does this mean that player power is really in control at Ibrox? Does Ferguson carry more weight than Le Guen (no pun intended)? Does Murray wield too much influence in that as long as players he wants to play are playing the manager is safe? Certainly the results weren’t of the quality to be expected at Rangers but it looks like the Ferguson incident has brought things to a head. Le Guen had an excellent track record and his appointment was lauded as a great coup by Murray. If he couldn’t turn things round at Ibrox then who can? Interesting days ahead.

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  1. Yeah, interesting days ahead, not that it was unsurprising, but the suddenness of it all….

    And I have no idea who’s going to take over, I read Ian Durrant might take Saturday’s game, but who in the long run?

  2. Going with theory that it would have to be UK manager…

    Walter Smith (bringing Ally McCoist with him)
    Graeme Souness
    Billy Davis
    Terry Butcher

    with one of the first two probably being my choices.

  3. I doubt Smith would walk out on Scotland, especially since he’s doing an amazing job there. Plus he’s been there/done that with Rangers before.

    Souness would be interesting, but I doubt the fans would want him after walking out in 1991 with 3 games left in the season. And his spell at Newcastle wasn’t exactly a glorious success.

    Of the other two I’d go for Terry Butcher, being a former captain and all, but would he leave Sydney for Ibrox?

  4. Yeah can’t believe the goings on myself. On the positive side at least the recent Sun coverage of the website “league table” shamed the club into a u-turn. Disappointing to see that official merchandisers are trying to make money off Boyds ill-advised gesture of support for King Barry. I seem to recall talk of him undermining McLeish this time last year too… maybe we’ll hear a bit more of that as the week progresses. Waistcoat & Coisty can only be a stop-gap, until a big ticket manager is found. These people cost money though. Can’t imagine the Tartan Army will be too chuffed at the Gers riding roughshod over SFA contracts either (just when they seemed to have, turned the corner (that phrase again!) with the National squad.

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