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Everything about the new iMac has been great except for one niggle that turned into a real annoyance which has been solved tonight. That niggle is the Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse. I should probably start by saying that I always thought the mice on Mac’s were a bit strange. One button? Hold a keyboard button to access right menu’s when you click! No scroll wheel’s? How odd when compared to the thoughtful design seen elsewhere with Mac’.

However I was determined to perceiver – I will use the Mighty Mouse and it will be good. Which at first it was.

Then it felt like some grit had got underneath as I was dragging the mouse about. I cleaned it thoroughly but it persisted. Then last night I noticed that underneath the front of the mouse on wither side, roughly were you click a mouse, the plastic had worn and was ‘rough’. That’s what was causing the gritty feel. So it’s gone. I’ve moved back to my Logitech MX-1000 and happiness has been found yet again. Proper right clicks, no gritty desk movement, multiple buttons that don’t need a king kong grip to activate and a scroll wheel that doesn’t clog.

It does make we ponder why Apple mice have always been…different. So has their other hardware but usually to their advantage, but not so with the Mighty Mouse. Never has a mouse been so unfortunately named. It’s almost designed to be different for the sake of it rather than for customer convenience or simplicity. So if you do switch don’t ditch the old mouse…and if it’s a really old mouse you should treat yourself to one of the new Logitech mice – highly recommended.

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  1. You do know that the mighty mouse has a right button?

    By default both buttons are set to primary, but it takes a moment in the mouse properties to enable the right click on the right hand side of the mouse nose, exactly where you’d find it on a regular mouse. Difference is that its a touch sensitive right click. So you don’t specifically need to press ctrl at all. You have left, right, scroll wheel, and the squeeze. 4 buttons.

    I agree that it feels somewhat slow on a desk, but it’s slick and smooth on a mouse mat. Thus not an issue for me, as every mouse I have, especially my unused MS Optical Mouse, track poorly without a mouse mat on my desk.

    My only issue is because it’s got that stylish invisible divide between the left and right mouse button, you can’t tell by feel which button your on, and I often end up right clicking instead of left clicking because my index finger has drifted to far to the right.

    I’ll gladly take the wireless MM off your hands. 🙂

  2. Yep. I took less than 10 secs to enable it. But it’s a virtual crappy right button that is cumbersome to use, prone to erroneous clicking and disappointing next to the rest of the Apple hardware. I was mentioning the keyboard in regards that previous mice from Apple needed the keyboard – maybe I should have been a bit clearer. The squeeze is also an absolute joke. I cannot see how anyone can think that the squeeze makes ergonomic sense. To be honest it’s by far the worst mouse I have used in the last few years of computing.

    Considering it and the keyboard are the interface to the computer I’m surprised at just how bad the Mighty Mouse is. Shitey Mouse is a better description (and for non scots say Shitey as if it rhyme’s with Mighty)

  3. I agree with the comments on right click being tricky. You have to re-learn how to use it, which is less than ideal. That said, my MS mouse tracks so poorly on the Mac that I stuck with the Mighty Mouse as it was so much smoother. The result of course is that 6 months on, and I’m comfortable with it. I do still get the odd accidental right click, but for the most part I’m totally at home. The “squeeze” which is really just a thumb click, I can do in my sleep without thinking, nor having to adjust my hand position. So I’m in disagreement over the squeeze, but perhaps I’ve just trained my hand to use it over the 6 months. Should you have to retrain the past 20 years of mouse use? Of course not. Do you have to? Unfortunately yes. If money was no option would I ditch the Mighty Mouse in favour of the new Logitech Revolution VX? Yup. Buy I do like my MM and would love a wireless variant.

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