Not so Mighty

Everything about the new iMac has been great except for one niggle that turned into a real annoyance which has been solved tonight. That niggle is the Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse. I should probably start by saying that I always thought the mice on Mac’s were a bit strange. One button? Hold a keyboard button to access right menu’s when you click! No scroll wheel’s? How odd when compared to the thoughtful design seen elsewhere with Mac’.

However I was determined to perceiver – I will use the Mighty Mouse and it will be good. Which at first it was.

Then it felt like some grit had got underneath as I was dragging the mouse about. I cleaned it thoroughly but it persisted. Then last night I noticed that underneath the front of the mouse on wither side, roughly were you click a mouse, the plastic had worn and was ‘rough’. That’s what was causing the gritty feel. So it’s gone. I’ve moved back to my Logitech MX-1000 and happiness has been found yet again. Proper right clicks, no gritty desk movement, multiple buttons that don’t need a king kong grip to activate and a scroll wheel that doesn’t clog.

It does make we ponder why Apple mice have always been…different. So has their other hardware but usually to their advantage, but not so with the Mighty Mouse. Never has a mouse been so unfortunately named. It’s almost designed to be different for the sake of it rather than for customer convenience or simplicity. So if you do switch don’t ditch the old mouse…and if it’s a really old mouse you should treat yourself to one of the new Logitech mice – highly recommended.

There's been a murder

Last week we spotted a mouse outside. Next day it was in our kitchen. Little bugger. I popped of to B&Q and picked up poison, traps and a weird bait type box. The mouse has spent the last few days ignoring the traps but enjoyed the baited food – but when will it die? Today, that’s when. Popped down the stairs this morning to find the mouse in the baited food gasping for air….and another mouse caught in the trap. Joy of joys. Hopefully that’s the end of them.

However it highlights how much we miss having a cat around the house. A good friend and handy if we do find another mouse. The Cat Protection League hasn’t been too successful so far…must widen the hunt.