0 thoughts on “Lightning”

  1. Kenny Page says:

    Nice – and a rather quick post too – the lightning has only just stopped (well.. ..here in the west end, anyway)

  2. talkrhubarb says:

    TV aerial struck and took out my freeview box. Although all the power is surge protected my aerials aren’t (even though I have a surge protector with that facility
    ) Good excuse to get a cheap PVR from Argos which works well.
    My ADSL modem also went on the blink coincidentally and on visiting my local PC shop the guy said that on Friday they had about 40 people in with blown modems/network cards/mobos and cordless telephones. Not sure the insurance covers this either. Anyway, it’s taken a couple of days but I’m back up and running with the old router.

  3. Ian D says:

    Ouch – not good news. There really is a lot to be said in unplugging everything from wall sockets and aerials when there’s lightning involved.

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