I’ve got GMail

I finally managed to blag an invite into the GMail Beta. First impressions are good. It’s claim to fame is the 1Gb storage available altough I struggle to see how I could fill 1Gb. Since Google announced this, others have been quick to catch up or overtake. Hotmail now makes available 250Mb instead of the measly 10Mb and Yahoo has gone to 2Gb for it’s broadband users. Yikes – lots of mail.

A nice feature is the way the mail is held as ‘conversations’ so that the mails read like a forum posting rather than discreet entities within your inbox. Also, there is no concept of folders. Instead you tag your mail with labels (can be done automatically via filters) and the inbox is then split accordingly – the mail can have more than one label. Searching the mail is also easy and quick, although if it was anything else you’d be pretty shocked. All in all, very nice and certainly better then Hotmail. If you want to mail me, try the mail link bottom right and if your interested in getting an invite then let me know and when I get one I’ll be sure to pass it on. The next test is to see if it’s been blocked by the company firewall yet.

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