Despite the patches there are still glitches galore in Halo 2. How do I know? We were glitched on Friday by some cheating dog Americans (“your an idiot”). Then again, it’s easy to find out how they did it if you look hard enough. High Impact Halo is a site dedicated, and I mean really dedicated, to glitch hunting. Want to find an advantage in Halo – you’ll find it there. Want to jump to an unreachable spot in Zanzibar – here’s how.

Eight pages on how to cheat and total dismay when a member reveals how it is done in March, one month before the patch from Bungie. They were so annoyed that this particular glitch might be patched so they didn’t have an advantage. How sad. How American. I saw that as it’s mostly Americans that are obsessed with glitching and cheating – from Moto GP to Halo 2 the Americans try their hardest to cheat their way to the top. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised when the biggest cheat is leading their country.

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  1. Is it just human nature to look for a competitive advantage as easily as possible regardless of any moral considerations? Other fields of competitive sports have ideals; no performance enhancing drug use, limitations on technology in motor racing/golf etc. The way I look at it is if you need to use a glitch to win, superjump or router-switch, then it’s really a hollow victory as you’re just cheating yourself. Do these Americans (and you’re right, it does tend to be young immature US males) tell themselves that 4 inches really does measure up to 12 too?

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