0 thoughts on “Half-Life 2 Theft”

  1. Totally agree – i’ve stopped playing online games on the pc due to the amount of cheating – it’s easy to tell when someone better than you is beating you and some lame cheating dog has downloaded the latest cheat for quake/unreal/rtcw.

    The friends list on xbox means you can play with like minded cheat free folk and also the fact its on a console makes it difficult to cheat. Unless the game makers include cheat codes – Midtown Madness 3 for example. Have cheats codes but make sure they don’t work online!

  2. The problem is that now all the Mod hackers know how the net code works and they can make cheat tools much better. That sucks. It means that all the anti cheat work that they put into HL2 is now pissed down the crapper.

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