Half-Life 2 Theft

Much has been made of the source code being stolen from Valve by hackers – story can be read here. Most ironic is that most of the users making a fuss probably have a copied Windows XP, Office XP (maybe even 2003 by now) and who knows what else. Fools.

2 thoughts on “Half-Life 2 Theft”

  1. Totally agree – i’ve stopped playing online games on the pc due to the amount of cheating – it’s easy to tell when someone better than you is beating you and some lame cheating dog has downloaded the latest cheat for quake/unreal/rtcw.

    The friends list on xbox means you can play with like minded cheat free folk and also the fact its on a console makes it difficult to cheat. Unless the game makers include cheat codes – Midtown Madness 3 for example. Have cheats codes but make sure they don’t work online!

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