0 thoughts on “Guess The Gadget”

  1. Talkrhubarb says:

    I haven’t a clue.
    But this sort of thing could have it’s own website! A whole community for dodgy photos of the insides of mice and the edge of TV’s.

  2. Shak says:

    I was gonna say it’s a DS Lite, but I know you said you would never buy one.
    And being a ‘man of your word’, you wouldn’t have gotten one now, would you ??? 😀

  3. Ian D says:

    I said I would never buy a DS….which is technically different to a DS Lite. Also, you know I’m not a man of my word. You also know that I bought one today which means your disqualified.

  4. Shak says:

    LOL – well that didn’t take long …

    and “technically” it IS the same …

  5. Graham says:

    I was gonna say iBook. But now you’ve given the game away I can see that it’s a DS lite right enough. I reckon Nintendo borrowed from apple with the new DS-Lite anyway. If I had money I’d be tempted myself for the new Mario game, but then again… I gave SMW a go the other day and got bored pretty quickly. Still… who’d have thought it… Nintendo in sexy kit shocker.

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