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Over the last three weeks I’ve been beavering away on a new website which is finally ready to roll – For the last few years I’ve gamed with a great but dwindling bunch of guys known as The Lickers. We’ve ended up with a core group enjoying mostly racing and first person shooters but we have a problem – no site to run leagues and a habit of starting a league but never finishing it.

So myself and Cheesy (fellow Lick) decided to try and do something about it, hence Forza Leagues. The website allows us to easily run multiple leagues and seasons for Forza 2. It should make the admin part as easy as possible and give us some nice stats along the way. It also allows us to attract 360 users from other forums and websites to join our leagues or form their own using the software we’ve developed.

Now when I say we’ve developed the software it’s really all down to one guy – Graeme (he asked me not to link to his homepage). So it’s a big thank you for the coding you’ve been doing over the last couple of weeks. Everyone’s feedback so far has been really positive. I also need to thank Robert (Foe Real) who’s logo work in Forza is superb and can be seen above. Soon we’ll all be riding using his designs.

Longer term we hope to add more games, leagues, ladders and team tournaments but for the moment, to get us started, we’re focussing on Forza 2 only. We’re looking for clean racers to join up and take part. Don’t worry about fast times as there will be leagues to cater for all abilities. The important thing is that you race fairly and don’t abuse your fellow gamers. If that sounds like you and you enjoy Forza 2 then feel free to register with Forza Leagues and at least give it a go. Hope to see you there.

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  1. Looking very swish I must say, you and the team must have put a lot of work into it, best of luck with the venture. I do have a hankering for the Xbox360 Wireless Wheel and a copy of Forza2 but I doubt I’ll ever be good enough or dedicated enough for racing against you professionals.

  2. No professionals here – too busy looking after websites! Would be good to see you join. I’m sure there will be leagues for all and looking at the various skill levels in the Lickers, there’s a pretty wide range from very fast and dedicated racers to those picking it up for a couple of hours a week.

    People I know that have the wheel say it is very good and add’s to the immersion but can slow you down a bit as it takes time to get used too.

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