Xbox for £99 from 27th August. An absolute steal and by far the best console you could buy if you’ve not already got one. And if you’ve got broadband – get an Xbox. The online gaming is superb compared to Sony’s. I’m still a beta tester for Sony’s online offerings and they have been pretty poor in comparison. Killzone is due to be delivered for testing this week though and it does look amazing if not the Halo beater it was once thought to be. The website is stunning though. Really wets the appetite.

That aside, the list of cracking games on the Xbox is large – much larger than the PS2. For example Halo, Links, Top Spin, PGR 2, Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six and the upcoming Halo 2 which looks soooooo much better in the graphics and gameplay departments than Killzone. And these are the exclusive games. Buronout 3 and Pro Evo soccer are due in the next couple of months on both consoles – Xbox will have better graphics and sound than the PS2 with better online support (although thats only a hope for Pro Evo as nothing is confirmed).

So spend that £99 wisely – get an Xbox. And if you’ve already got one, buy another and chip it, add a large hard disk and create the biggest games machine known to man. You can also install Xbox Media Center and create a fantastic media machine too. Joy. Even better Xbox Media Center now supports iTunes – woo-hoo. I feel an update session coming on.

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  1. Well, it’s TECHNICALLY the better machine, and if you want to get it chipped and use it as a media center and emulation box it’s the only choice, but if we’re talking about a diverse selection of games that aren’t just driving/fighting/shooting aliens in the face, the Gamecube’s still my favourite. And it’s the cheapest option, too. 🙂

  2. True…the Gamecube does have some diverse games but when I played then I just got….bored. My GC hasn’t been switched on in months. Prefer the online gaming rather than a solo challenge – maybe cause I play less games now that I used to (old git!).

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