Music Sales Are Up

Missed this over the last week. Album sales are up on last year as seen in this article from the Guardian. Also worth mentioning is this article which mentions that 87% of people who download music tracks are likely to buy the album on CD. Both of these are in contrary to the perception from the music industry that the internet is destroying its business.

For years people have copied music. In days of old tape decks were used to copy music and more recently cd-writers. But now if I buy a cd chances are I can’t copy the music to my Ipod and I can’t copy the album as mp3’s to my car mp3/cd player. Some of the albums don’t even play in the car. This forces me into downloading the tracks from the net so that I can listen to them on all my devices. Farce. Its time for the law not to side with the minority in the music industry but the majority which is the buying public – if I buy music I should be able to use on any device I own.

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