After upgrading to Movable Type 3, and seeing the reaction elsewhere to the new licensing deals from Six Apart I felt relatively secure in that the deals didn’t affect me, I could still use a free version of Movable Type and I’d spent ages getting the look of my site ‘just so’ – no way was I moving.

That was until I looked at WordPress.

It has everything a blog writer could need, is php based and so incredibly easy to modify and is really easy to set-up. Within an hour I had a site set-up and all my posts from the old blog imported. I’ve never used an easier online tool. In the last hour I’ve added a plugin to switch styles and an Amazon Media Manager. Fantastic.

This is just night and day compared to Movable Type – just shows you what you can miss when you get complacent.

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  1. Yip – the RSS feed URL is different under wordpress. I’m now kept up to date with all your shenanigans and musings. 🙂

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