Weekly Digest

Great week off work. Needed the break and stayed away from checking mails which was good for the brain. Enjoyed the good weather – Scotland looks great in the sun, bugs and all. Also enjoyed the World Cup. Well played France, unlucky Croatia and something I didn’t expect to say…well done Russia. All the talk of violence turned out to be…all talk.

Gave up and deleted some unwatched The Handmaid’s Tale. Plodding and miserable – there’s enough of that in real life without spending hours watching a drama which looks to have no hope.

Finally watched Ready Player One. While some of it was good, I found so much to dislike. The race for the first key was tiresome, the relationship between Art3mis and Parzival was rushed, there was some changes to the plot which didn’t work for me and the ending was just too saccharin sweet…but it’s Spielberg so probably no surprise. Just read the book and skip the movie. Or watch this homage from Gunship.


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