So today was mostly spent upgrading the iMac to Leopard. All went well. In fact it was relatively painless which is more than can be said for my calf which I’ve aggravated again just walking about town. I don’t think I mentioned this but I tore my calf last week playing badminton. 10 days later and it’s still sore(r) but then I knew it would take a while to heal properly.

Anyway, this was supposed to be a Leopard post. Well I’ve not really had chance to play with it much so I’ll get the laptop done tomorrow and then take a few days to mull over what has changed. It ain’t all good you know!

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  1. Hi Ian, great work.
    Lewis sent me to your blog when I mentioned my new Mac (decided to leave Windows behind, about time too!!)
    Did the Leopard upgrade too the other day, impressed all round, look forward to your follow-up. Got hands on a mac at the Glasgow store a few weeks ago + that sowed the seed I guess 🙂

  2. Well, the two designers I work with seemed to have a nightmare upgrading – but for two different reasons. One had an issue where the upgrade process failed to detect his main hard drive and – to cut a long story short – he had to install Tiger from fresh followed by the upgrade over the top of this fresh install. He lost some work along the way as well…

    Then the other chap sucessfully upgraded his laptop but he has a mac based music production setup using pro-tools and essentially, this now doesn’t work as the hardware doesn’t have any supported drivers under Leopard. He’s therefore now got to wait for co’s to catch up and release drivers. I guess this is another effect of Apple not releaseing preview / development versions…

    I guess it all goes to show that even if you have a controlled computer base and limited varitions to cater for, upgrading a computer to a new operating system is just never going to be as simple as the manufacturers would have you believe.

  3. Agreed. I had read that there were some issues if you had different makes of hard disk installed, which seems bizarre although I didn’t research the issues much. I also chose to format and install fresh rather than upgrade to avoid as many issues as possible.

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