Added a fair bit of ‘stuff’ to the website this weekend but all behind the scenes. The Archives are now a bit more funky and you should now see some Gravatar links if you post a comment. I’ve also been tweaking quite a bit of the php that drives the site – there should be context sensitive sidebars and also the times are a bit more friendly although I keep on missing dates as they are peppered throughout the code. I’ve also added in a Plugins page so you can see what’s been added to the default WordPress engine. Most importantly I’ve added in lots of interesting content. Ok – I’ve added a couple of drab posts but what do you expect?

Joking aside – I tidied up some old posts with images that weren’t displaying properly. I also removed some work posts that while I thought they were innocent enough with hindsight they were better off deleted – you never know who might read it.

So that’s it – I’m ready to add more dreary posts about the films I’ve been to see and games that I’ve played. Which makes you wonder why I and others blog…this quote summed it up for me.

“Blogging in itself is stupid, really, and self indulgent (or perhaps that’s just my approach to it). But it’s a hobby, and we are a nation who love our pointless little hobbies. It’s no more corrosive than other hobbies. Or rather, it shouldn’t be.�

Thanks for the quote Gordon – shame about the snide piece in The Sunday Times.

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  1. The site is looking lovely. I really must get my finger out and finish a decent template. I’ve also been getting pissed off with blogger recently. Don’t want to become all techy though and start doing this PHP stuff of WordPress, goodness knows where that could end. As for Blogs, I dont care if nobody reads them, I use it mainly to keep track of goings on in my life. When did the doctor do those last blood tests, when was Bonnie injured, when did David last call me a bigot? It’s all there, inane rubbish is the new Rock and Roll. It’s when Blog writers get the impression they’re worthy and important it all goes tits up and is rightfully sniggered at.

  2. My pleasure, although the quote wasn’t mine.

    Now in payment (er.. for a quote that wasn’t mine…?) I demand to know how you got your archive page looking like that, gimme gimme gimme!!! 😉

  3. It’s a plugin called WordPress Heat Map which can be configured with different colours and font weights – makes a nice change from the usual drab archives. Also using default blogtimes plugin at the bottom of the page. Enjoy.

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