The iPhone I’ve Been Waiting For

Another day, another keynote. Some thoughts…

  • iPhone 3G. Roll on July 11th. An iPhone with 3G, GPS, better battery life, no recessed headphone socket, an App’s store full of software and all for…something less than today’s price. O2 are promising more information tomorrow. Hurry up please. Cheaper American prices come with a 2 year contract.
  • No upgraded camera, no video chat, 16GB max. Nice to see there’s a reason to buy a new iPhone every so often.
  • The updated design looks good. I like the thin edge’s and don’t mind the plastic back. Still undecided though – black or white? Black = better looking but more obvious scuff’s and scratches?
  • MobileMe. Nice upgrade to .Mac which is no more. Option to use e-mail address. The push updates from the cloud look excellent. Not so sure on the web app’s which look slick but how do they perform?
  • With the GPS will locational app’s really take off? If only the camera res was upgraded as taking geo tagged photo’s is a really nice feature. Missed opportunity?
  • Nothing much on Snow Leopard, the next version of OS-X. Quality upgrade and not a feature upgrade. Mmmm. Ok. Surely that’s a service pack?
  • Can’t wait to play Super Monkey Ball. For all the people that say iPhone is meh….show me software on your phone that look, runs and plays like that. Thought so. Band looked pretty cool too. $9.99 for Monkey Ball too. Sounds like a bargain.

I think that it for now. Great announcement, a new phone for me soon. Can’t wait…unless O2 tamper too much with pricing. Surely not.

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  1. But ultimately costs you more on those tariffs unless you phone a lot of people. I’ll be taking the £35 a month option and paying (what I think) a bargain £159 for the 16GB version. Just a pity they didn’t launch a 32GB version…no doubt that will launch in October/November.

  2. Yeah, that’s a nice price. If I needed a new phone, and wasn’t waiting on a new guitar and camera, I’d be selling my touch and buying a 16GB iPhone. Look forward to seeing yours – everything I have in my iPod but you’ll have the benefits of surfing anywhere… very neat. You taking .me too?

  3. I already have .mac which is superb for syncing laptop and desktop so the .me stuff is a really nice add-on for me. About time they did something extra for £50 a year!!

  4. I re-read my post, and wondered why on earth I asked, are you taking me too? Taking me where. Then I noticed the dot, and all made sense with the world.

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