The Greatest

So what am I referring to? Why – the greatest cup final…ever. Last nights Champions League final was fantastic – non-stop entertainment, 3 fantastic Milan goals, a great comeback from Liverpool, a goal that wasn’t offside, a penalty that never was, tired players and then a fantastic penalty shoot-out with the old Grobbelaar legs back on display. That for me had everything and it must have been destiny – Liverpool put out Olympiakos when they looked dead and buried needing three goals and then put out Chelsea with a goal that never was. Great TV and how a final should be, not the bore’s that they have become recently. Just hope Eufa back down and let Liverpool defend their title.

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  1. I totally agree with you. Liverpool have proved that any team with determination & will power can can win the European Cup – Liverpool have clearly shown that their historic win was NOT an individual effort but a TEAM effort!! Greece’s Euro 2004 was a TEAM Effort and NOT based on an individual! Going back to Liverpool. it was their Midfielders that notched up the 3 vital goals against AC Milan & their Goalie in form!

  2. I wondered if they breathalysed the goalie afterwards for his drunken legs display at the penalty shootout…

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