The fourth series of 24 has just finished (for those of the downloading community that don’t watch or can’t wait for Sky). Brilliant. Best series since the first one. This had everything from…well – I guess I’d better warn that there maybe spoilers ahead.

So – what made this so much better than season 3? For starters the story got bigger and bigger as the series went on and with some really nice plot twists along the way with a nice mix of obvious and surprising. Production values were high and the characters were also more developed than usual and for me added to the story.

Seriously though – they were stretching just how much one man can go through in a sleep deprived 24 hour period…

  • Falls in love
  • Robs a garage
  • Kills an untold amount of people
  • Rescues his boss and lover
  • Gets his old job back and Tony’s too
  • Kills his lovers husband which is maybe a bit strongly put but at least responsible for his death
  • Stops a nuclear bomb
  • Takes ‘extracting information’ to new extremes. In fact this seemed to be a recurring theme – how to get info from the bad guys
  • Gets fingered for leading an assault on the Chinese embassy
  • Handed to Chinese, and then ordered to be killed by the President
  • Falls out of love
  • Dies
  • Comes back to life
  • Goes on the run with a new identity
  • The worst thing is that those are just the bits I remember. Probably 24’s weakest element is the short time it takes to travel around LA. In the last episode he travels from one rooftop back inside to CTU in under 5 minutes via helicopter – you just need to remember it’s a television programme!

    Looking forward to next years series already. Hats off to those who upload the episodes too – within a few hours of broadcast episodes are available advert free with the DOG removed. Impressive…most impressive, much like 24.

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