Picked up the kitten on Friday. She was a handful and not very friendly – lots of spitting and just unhappy. By Saturday she had really brightened up and was friendly, eating and drinking and getting use to her new home. It was then I realised that I was sneezing quite a bit, my throat was sore and my eyes running. I spent a couple of hours away form the kitten and then went back for another play – same again. Crap – I was allergic to her.

We were both gutted and the allergic reaction to her only got worse. I couldn’t believe it – I’ve always been around cats and pets and never suffered before. We took the decision to take her back to the cat protection league this morning before we got too attached. Although we only had her for two days it was still heart breaking. Hopefully she’ll find a new home quickly as she was a lovely wee cat.


Great news – we’ve got a new cat. When I say we’ve got, we don’t pick her up for another 3 weeks and when I say cat I really mean kitten. She’s only 4 weeks old and the Cat Protection League keep the young kittens for a period of time to make sure they are healthy and OK to be housed.
I snapped a picture as she played with another kitten – she’s going to be a handful but it will be nice to have a wee pet around the house again.



For just under 12 years we’ve had the most lovely cat in the world called Daisy. She was so good natured and the perfect cat, only slightly ripping the wallpaper but where else could she sharpen her claws….apart from my shoulders. But I didn’t mind – she was part of the family. She was always small but in the last few weeks she seemed to be getting thinner, but she was at least 3 when we got her so that makes her at least 15-16 and we thought it was just her age. But last week we saw a sharp decline. Not interested, hardly eating, struggling to digest so a trip to the vets was arranged for tonight. Our worse fears were realised – she had damaged kidneys and it was downhill from here. We took the difficult but only decision to have her put down which was really difficult to watch but I knew deep down it was the right thing to do.

Bye Daisy…you’ll be sadly missed.

Killer in the Family

After 11 years my cat has finally proved her worth – her first mouse kill. Woke up this morning to see the cat proudly sitting next to a mouse with a particularly smug grin on her face (looked like it to me) – made me smile so much…even now. Downside is I need to hunt down how the little blighter got into the house foam filler and Polyfiller at the ready.