For just under 12 years we’ve had the most lovely cat in the world called Daisy. She was so good natured and the perfect cat, only slightly ripping the wallpaper but where else could she sharpen her claws….apart from my shoulders. But I didn’t mind – she was part of the family. She was always small but in the last few weeks she seemed to be getting thinner, but she was at least 3 when we got her so that makes her at least 15-16 and we thought it was just her age. But last week we saw a sharp decline. Not interested, hardly eating, struggling to digest so a trip to the vets was arranged for tonight. Our worse fears were realised – she had damaged kidneys and it was downhill from here. We took the difficult but only decision to have her put down which was really difficult to watch but I knew deep down it was the right thing to do.

Bye Daisy…you’ll be sadly missed.

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  1. Very sorry to hear that. Mind you, she did tear the wallpaper in Flat 3/2 something terrible, little tinker.

    I hope our two, Bonnie and Clyde, live as least as long as Daisy.

  2. Really sorry to hear about Daisy, a truly wonderful little cat.
    You will certainly have plenty of happy memories of her, and you gave her a great life. I know it must be really hard at the end but you have once again done the best for her.

  3. That’s really sad news Ian. A windows desktop wallpaper is a poor reminder of the good wallpaper scratching times you shared, but it is something.

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