Robbed x2

A small’ish update to my Robbed post. Firstly thanks for the comments. I’m sure what’s happened to me is something that’s happened to loads of other folk or will happen to others in the future…doesn’t make me any happier dealing with this shit.

Yesterday it emerged that the swines have my Egg credit card details too. An e-mail from EBay alerted me to another account being created using my card details. 10 mins after confirming it wasn’t me EBay had closed the other account and confirmed my card details used. A quick call to Egg and that card was closed down. Only expense was for £1.50 which I’m assuming is the Paypal setup payment. Thankfully they didn’t rip me off for anymore or anyone else through some false EBay bidding. That was enough for me to get the police in. Very impressed with EBay and their speed in alerting me and taking action – excellent service.

So I’ve passed on all the details to them, closed down all my accounts to stop any threat of more issues and I also heard today that two people were arrested in connection with a very similar fraud in Partick. Hopefully it’s the bard’s that did me but I don’t know for sure yet.

Still not clear if it’s an e-crime or someone taking details from my wallet and/or elsewhere. If it’s e-crime I’d love to assume it’s from my Windows days and that I’m on Mac and hence nothing to fear. However I’m currently backing up data. Tomorrow I’ll reformat and re-install. I’ll then get everything I need back on then begin the task of changing all my passwords, both offline and online. For those critical online accounts I’ll also be adopting a strong password (which I had already) and changing them every two weeks or so. Pain in the proverbial’s but once bitten etc etc. It will give me some piece of mind at least.

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  1. I really can’t see this being an ecrime. The cheque thing looked like it was done in person in Glasgow. What are the chances of spyware reporting back to another weggie? Plus you’re too “switched on” to allow spyware on your machine. Having said that you’ve got a wireless network haven’t you? Hmmm…

    Most likely your bins have been rifled if you ask me. Everybody I’ve told about your story has been shocked to the core. Hope this is an end to it and you definitely did the right thing about going to the cops. They’ll not do much but at least it’s on record which would help with the banks if it ever happens again (gawd forbid).

    Chin up.

  2. Have to agree. I suspect what with the fake cheque and the Byres Road location you are probably looking at bin rakers. You could argue the Council have contributed to this, in our area the ‘paper’ bin is collected fortnightly and I wonder how many people actually shred all those loan/banking/credit card mailers etc they receive the? I like the idea of burning everything just to be sure, but I’m sure the enviro-bods would have a fit at that. Password security is something I have been thinking of too. Sticking something in the diary or creating a regular task, make sure its not forgotten after a couple of months. Might even cancel some of those old credit cards I no longer use too… gets you thinking doesn’t it?

  3. Glad eBay were on the ball, and I hope the police get them.

    I’m pretty careful about our incoming post (paper), ripping up if not shredding anything that has my details on it.. might consider getting a shredder now though, mind you there are a couple of ‘industrial’ ones at work…

    Hope it doesn’t cause you any more pain!

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