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zalmanAfter a bit of thought I’ve finally decided to get the old pc up and running as a server. The first task was to make it quieter. The fans on it were quite loud….cue visit to Quiet PC. I’d always liked the look of the Zalman Flower so I gave into temptation and made the purchase. At the same time I was convinced that the power supply also was a bit too loud so I picked up a quiet one of those too.

Delivery for once really was next day so ii got round to installing them both today. The verdict – the flower cooler is definitely quiet and keeps the cpu (it is an ageing 1GHz Athlon) cool. It’s heavy though and is only suitable for certain motherboards and chips. The power supply was disappointing . At first it seemed very quiet but listening from a different angle you could hear a very deep hum. Tried the old power supply and it was quieter. Some you win, some you lose. So I’ll be returning the power supply back to Quiet PC – hopefully their returns policy is as good as the rest of their store had been up to now.

Once I get windows on it I hope to run it as a server with the main pc and xbox using it as a media storage device. It will also have a webserver which I can access from anywhere (work firewall permitting :-() and ultimately I may host this website from it. That’s a long way off though.


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  1. I got my Zalman flower a couple of years back from Kustom PC’s in Ayr. I’ve been very pleased with it,but always thought it was a shame no-one could see it hidden inside the case. However, it did show up the racket the other parts of the system were making. DVD’s, Hard disks and PSU’s and nowadays one of the worst offenders are the cheap fans on graphics cards. I think what is really required is one of these.

  2. If you are just going to use it as a server why not stick it in a cupboard out of the way? If I was going to have a machine in the livingroom as a media server for music and video along with PVR etc then a quiet PC comes into it’s own, but it seems like a lot of expense for a file server.

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