PS3 Quickies

Day 1 of the PS3 has seen mostly highs, a few lows and enough time to jot down some quick thoughts…

  • The hardware looks fantastic
  • Power brick is integrated and side by side with the 360 it’s not that much bigger
  • It’s oh so quiet compared to the industrial noise coming from the 360
  • It’s hot.
  • Blu-Ray movies look great
  • Flow isn’t up on the store – fools
  • Rumble is a big miss – I guess by Christmas though that will be resolved
  • Stripped down menu system is a joy to use
  • Motorstorm is a great game both offline and on. Again online is pretty quiet as there’s no standard headset.
  • It crashed once during an online game.
  • The lack of an integrated online service like Live is a real step backwards when you try to meet up with friends and play online. Xbox Live is years ahead of this.
  • For first gen games the graphics look really good.
  • The charging cable for the pad is too short. Off to Maplin tomorrow to resolve that little issue.

I’m more impressed than I thought but I’ll play some more with the system before putting up a more extensive post.

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  1. The pad is also see through. Go figure. The triggers are awkward and to be honest the 360 is perfect and in that respect we are spoiled. I wouldn’t say it’s poor…just an old design that’s had more and more squeezed into it without the design and thought that was applied to the 360 pad.

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